The presence of the De Luca family in the graphic arts industry dates back to 1896 with the Southern Typographic Foundry, which produced printing types for major newspapers until the 1950s.

In the 1960s, Diellecolor was founded as a company specializing in offset ink production, and in 2013, Ipinks proudly took over, continuing the production of offset inks while acquiring the water-based flexo ink production from Central Color.

Offset inks for sheet printing and water-based flexo inks have always represented the company’s core business, and over the years, UV inks (both traditional and UV-LED), inks for metal packaging (alkyd, UV, and UV-LED), and recently, the development of UV flexo inks and the entire low migration UV range for food packaging.

A range of inks for every need We specialize in conventional low migration products for the paperboard and food packaging industry. As for flexographic printing, our focus is on water-based inks for corrugated cardboard, all plastic and tissue substrates.

Our range includes overprint varnishes of all types, as well as all the additives commonly used in various types of printing.

Customer service is a cornerstone that drives our company, and we are capable of serving both large and small businesses.

We develop and test products on the substrates and materials on which our customers will print, even formulating customized products or entirely new personalized recipes when necessary.

Unlike large multinational companies, we believe that specialization and extreme customer care are winning strategies, and we strive every day to provide tailored products and solutions.