Dielle BIO PLUS 8950

The low migration and extremely low odour series for not absorbent paper (PE paper, PP paper, IML,…) in food packaging
Consumer’s care and safety are one of our first target and for this reason food should not be contaminated by any external substance.

Within this frame we keep in mind that all the components of our inks must not migrate inside food-packaging. Our ink series Dielle BIO PLUS 8950 has all law requirements to be used in printing for non-food contact surface for not absorbent paper such as PE paper, PP paper or in In Mould labelling process.

As partner of important printing producer for food packaging, we produced a mineral oil free series based on natural renewable raw materials, completely dedicated to print on food packaging support. This series is low-odour, low-migration and with no heavy metal based driers.

Dielle BIO PLUS 8950 series is low-odour, low migration, mineral oil free, antioxidant free e driers free and produced entirely with natural renewable raw materials.