Tissue 4000 Series

The TISSUE 4000 series is suitable for use on placemats, napkins for food use and in general “tissue” support (toilet paper, …). The series complies with the regulations concerning the primary packaging sector: 1935/2004 / EU and 2023/2006 / EU. This series presents an excellent color rendering.
Particularly suitable for both fast and fast drying machines and standard machines.
The series is also sold ready for use with the code 4090.

For dilutions it is necessary to follow our technical indications below.

Product Characteristic

TISSUE 4000 INK SERIES are water based for flexographic applications
• Suitable to be printed on different types of tissue substrates
• All pigments used have an high quality and different shades are available to be ordered also on specifical requests
• Excellent adhesion and surface resistance
• All inks productions comply with ISO 9001:2015
• Other specifications are suitable on request to our technical service.