Primer 0050

Primer 0050
PRIMER 0050 is suitable for general use on secondary and tertiary packaging board. It is suitable for UV overpainting. This primer has a good surface gloss and excellent compatibility and adhesion properties with UV OPV. Suitable for both standard and fast-drying machines.
Do not dilute the product.
General characteristics of PRIMER 0050
– PRIMER 0050 is water-based for application in offset printing
– It can be used on different types of generic board used for secondary and tertiary food packaging.
– All raw materials used are of a high degree of purity;
– Excellent adhesion and physical resistance properties.
– Suitable for overcoating with OPV UV
– The Primer is manufactured under the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.
– Good degree of gloss and high compatibility with UV varnishes
– Further specific product modifications can be made to order, please contact our technical service for more specifications